01 June 2010

Spotted in the House

Mr Chicken might be in Paris, but Lulu was in the House of Onion.

We love an office dog - even when we only get to borrow it very briefly. We're not sure what would happen if Lulu met Old Tom. It's probably for the best that Mr Hobbs is standing between them.

Mr Hobbs and Lulu weren't the only exciting things in the House yesterday. There were also...


Chocolate and orange, and saffron and vanilla, and liquorice ones.
The Cake-maker Virtuoso is getting very accomplished at these, thanks to this lovely book and the benefactress who sent it along.



miss elise said...

Don't forget raspberry. There were raspberry ones too! Oooooooh.

I wonder what Old Tom would make of Monsieur Poulet.

Lilybett said...

They made this avalanche of tastiness on Poh's Kitchen:


plus lychee macarons!