31 October 2011

Fictions on the Field IV

Greetings from the skeleton crew staffing the House of Onion today. Sensible people took a long weekend, but here we are - pottering around, sending books to the printer, amusing ourselves.
Horses you would bet on in the 2011 Melbourne Cup if it were...

A Georgette Heyer novel:
  • Fox Hunt
  • Precedence
  • Lost in the Moment

A Hornblower novel:
  • Drunken Sailor

A novelisation of Casablanca:
  • Americain

A Roddy Doyle novel:
  • Shamrocker

A French farce:
  • Moyenne Corniche
  • Red Cadeaux
  • Glass Harmonium
  • At First Sight

A picture book:
  • Illo

An epic fantasy:
  • Older Than Time
  • Hawk Island
  • Niwot
  • Manighar

A PD James novel:
  • Unusual Suspect

A letter from Maria Shriver to her ex-husband:
  • Verminator

A pamphlet on what to expect if you are a passenger grounded by Qantas:
  • Tullamore

So, here's to the race that stops a nation. BOM reports that it's likely to be one for the Rain Lovers, so Think Big in terms of wet weather wear, may your champagne be sourced from a Vintage Crop, may your fluttering be Efficient, not Shocking and your day be entirely Tawrrific.

26 October 2011

The Festival of Lies

 Deception is everywhere. 
Trust no one...

 This trailer is totally boring. It won't set your heart racing at all. We highly recommend you don't watch it.

Also, avoid this game like the plague.

It doesn't feature any of Sebastian's beautiful illustrations, 
and is not at all fun; so why would you bother?

And don't these two books look rubbish side by side?

Soo whatever you do, don't go and buy City of Lies

It contains no adventure to speak of.  Goldie just sits around doing nothing, and Toadspit and Bonnie are never in any danger at all. Broo goes on vacation, and Morg spends the whole book feathering her nest. 

What's that? Oh no - there's certainly no Slommerkin stalking the corridors of the Museum. 
I don't know where you heard that.

Isn't it terribly tedious that City of Lies is in your local bookshop right now?

20 October 2011

Oh, also...

We ate this:

Those are candied rose petals, y'all. CANDIED ROSE PETALS.
Because it was A Very Special Someone's Very Special Birthday. 
Happy birthday, VSS!


And also, also, this is funny: 

18 October 2011

Where we've been

We have been...

Doing this:
(so has Karen Healey)

 Savouring this:

Eating these:

 Admiring these:

Waiting for this:

Knitting this:

Laughing at this:


But mostly doing a lot of this:

We will be back to regularly scheduled programming soon!