23 June 2010

A nice plain chocolate cake

Regular readers will be well aware that many of the cakes in the Cake-maker Virtuoso's catalogue are fancy.

Fancy. Fancy. Fancy.

Sadly, one of the Onions has a palate that Jed Bartlet might characterise as plain-spoken*. And a plain-spoken palate is often challenged by a fancy cake. So sometimes the Cake-maker Virtuoso makes a nice plain chocolate cake that has no challenging bits in it.

Well, when we say a nice plain chocolate cake we mean a nice plain chocolate cake that has one whole cup of dutch cocoa and one and a half cups of expresso coffee and one and a half cups of buttermilk. And, in the ganache,** 680 grams of 70% dark chocolate and one and a half cups of heavy cream.

And we believe the nice plain chocolate cake that the Cake-maker Virtuoso chose to make is actually known on the internets as The most AMAZING buttermilk chocolate cake EVER.

Despite this unanticipated fancification of the nice plain chocolate cake, the plain-spoken palated Onion ate hers all up.

* Others might characterise it as picky.
** That's icing for you plain-spoken folk. Or frosting for you USians.


Miss Cackle said...

... and now poor Miss Late-Shift-Working Cackle is a very hungry bunny!

Celine said...

Please can I come work for you. PLEEEAAASSSSSE.

Bella said...

Yum, and I do love the lovely touch of flowers there. I've been trying to find similar cute little glass bottles for flowers for a while - may I ask where you get yours from? Thanking you, Aliens.