15 June 2010

Italian items

So Rebecca James's Beautiful Malice already has a few different faces in the world. Above are the Australian, the UK and the US covers. And now the Italian publishers have released this gorgeous book trailer.

So, now that we've whet your appetite for Katherine & Alice and all that malice - here's a tasty extract to fuel it further.

And speaking of appetites, our Onion in Italy reports that the bookshelves in the book stores of Rome have a healthy appetite for the paranormal and are happily harbouring nests of vampires.*

In other news, our Onion in Italy, and her travelling companion, have taken time out from their tour of Roman book stores to sneak off to Venice. We concede we are a little envious.**

* We suspect this is the case in book stores the world over. We don’t blame Mr Cullen et al. We blame Buffy.
** We also concede that we did request that photos be made available for vicarious holiday-making, so we are most grateful to Tom Item for sharing in this manner.

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Alex said...

oh la la, I do enjoy the different book covers around the world! The Italian cover for Beautiful Malice looks very similar to Tabitha Suzuma's Forbidden cover for the UK :) Loving it!