04 June 2010

Optimism springs eternal

It's a hive of activity in the House of Onion.

Books are zinging off to the printer (and fingers are being crossed),
bound proofs are being (thoroughly) checked,
cover files are being (speedily) FTPed,
box sets are being (beautifully) designed (oh the excitements!),
editorial letters are being (thoughtfully) composed,
page proofs are being (painstakingly) scrutinised,
production schedules are being (nervously) consulted,
cake is being (enthusiastically) consumed,
artwork is being (appreciatively) received,
advance copies of books are being (delightedly) approved,
authors are being (warmly) encouraged,
meetings are being (diligently) attended,
design briefs are being (creatively) prepared,
holidays are being (eagerly) anticipated (or envied),
endpaper options are being (animatedly) discussed,
reprints are being (happily) ordered,
manuscripts are being (avidly) read,
time is being (optimistically) managed,
adverbs are being (unashamedly) overused...

and sometimes we have to be reminded to breathe.

Which puts us in mind of this timely* piece of wisdom about eternal editorial optimism from Editorial Anonymous. Which is heartening. Which helps us to (quietly) catch our breath, which leads us to (glowingly) appreciate our good fortune at working in this made-of-awesome industry, which makes us (loudly) celebrate the joy of being an Onion**.

* Timely? Timeless? Perhaps both are appropriate here...
** Or a lolephant.

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