28 May 2010

Friday stuff and items

1) We confess that some people in the House of Onion may not have read Happy As Larry. Silly people. To them, we offer this incentive.

That Nicki Greenberg, she certainly gives great Gatsby. And the Wheeler Centre for Books, Writing and Ideas have very cleverly made her great Gatsby giving available to the world. Hurrah!

3) 'Atmospheric, complex, and intense.' That's what Publisher's Weekly said about Celine Kiernan's The Poison Throne. They also said:
'...this epic starts strong and doesn't falter one iota, ending with a cliffhanger that will leave readers demanding more.'
More! More! More Moorehawke! And what ho! A competition! The Rebel Prince is the final installment in The Moorehawke Trilogy - Who will survive the final battle?

Well, you can be the very first* to find out, and all you have to do is cast the lead characters in the (hypothetical) movie of the books and send their photos to Celine. So if you fancy yourself as something of a casting director, or if you fancy searching the interwebs for just the right photo of that handsome actor/actress you adore, or if you fancy impressing an author with your astute understanding of the essence of her characters, then Celine has the competition for YOU! Fancy. Fancy. Fancy.

And while we are on the Moorehawke subject, we'd like to take this opportunity to impress you with Elise Hurst's brilliant covers for this series.

Genius. Pure genius.

4) And, finally, we happened to stumble upon this excellent collection of bookshelves in the wild* - and now it seems we are in breach of the tenth commandment. Alas.

* Of course, when we say very first here, we mean apart from the author, her agent, her editors, the designer/typesetter, proofreaders...
* Of course, when we say wild here, we mean in real people's homes, not, you know, in the actual wilderness - not even on the beach.

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Celine said...

Thanks for the shout out, Onions!

You would not believe some of the brilliant photo's I've received already. There's one of Christopher in particular that blew me away!