10 June 2010

Quince & Custard Cake - Reprise

We have mentioned before that we are spoiled rotten in matters of cake-appreciation.

In fact sometimes it seems we never shut up about it. Some might even say we are cake braggarts. And it's a truth universally acknowledged that (as my grandmother was fond of insisting) braggartism is always unseemly. So really, we should know better. And it seems we are soon to get our comeuppence - another word my grandmother was fond of using, often accompanied by raised eyebrows, a curt nod of her head and a knowing set to her mouth as she proclaimed that a certain young lady would soon get her comeuppance, you mark my words.

And our comeuppance? Well, the Cake-maker Virtuoso is soon leaving our shores to swan about in far and foreign lands. This is wonderful news for her (obvs), but sadly it will leave us somewhat bereft of cake.* Sigh.

In the meantime, she has once again performed magnificently, with a reprise of one of our favourite cakes first introduced to the House of Onion by the cake-maker extraordinaire who now bakes for that flightless flock, due east as the cocky flies.

And on that occasion we were lucky enough to secure the cake recipe - so you too can try your hand at plating up this most delicious of desserts.**

Comments overheard after cake consumption:
'A triumph!'
'Perfect amount of cardamom.'
'Am I allowed to have a second slice?'
You may notice that the cake in the photo already has a slice removed from it. This was not intentional. It seems one over-eager Onion couldn't wait for the cake hour and helped herself to a slice while nobody was looking...

* It remains to seen if any other Onion will embrace their inner cake-maker and step up to the challenge of Thursday cakes. We have our fingers crossed and our tastebuds on standby for what will soon be known as Guinea Pig Thursday.
** Be warned, there is a good deal of preparation and cooking time involved. Read the recipe carefully before embarking on this culinary adventure. Pot-roasted quinces will happen, but it might be overnight.


An Onion in Rome said...

Om nom nom. Looks fabulous. Good work, Cakemaker!
I have eaten many sweet pastries in the last couple of days. 'Due chambelle e due espresso, per favore.'
Sugar and caffeine hit at the same time.

There also seem to be many bookshops in this fair city.
How civilised.

Love to all in the House.
S. xx

Sue Bursztynski said...

So, who is this cakemaker? Anyone who has edited my books? I'm not bad, myself, and will bring cake next time you buy a manuscript from me...;-)