09 June 2010

Read warm

While it may be summer in some parts of the world* it's cold in the House of Onion today. Cold, cold, cold. And we are all shivering in our boots.

It's the kind of day when you just want to snuggle up in bed with a book. Or curl up on your favourite chair, or sink into the sofa, or flop in front of an open fire... And in the happy event that you are able to do just that and you are casting around for a book to read, we thought we could help out, so we polled the Onions to find out what books were at the top of their to-read piles this week.
Loving Richard Feynman by Penny Tangey

Need by Carrie Jones

Paris City Guide by Lonely Planet**

Ghost Hunter by Michelle Paver

Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel

The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness

Digital Typography - An Introduction to Type and Composition for Computer System Design by Richard Rubinstein

Love and War in the Apennines by Eric Newby

The Gourmet by Muriel Barbery

Tom's Midnight Garden by Philippa Pearce

Two for Sorrow by Nicola Upson (advance reading copy)

Scatterheart by Lili Wilkinson

A Brief History of Montmaray by Michelle Cooper

So, read warm. Read well.

* We see you there Rome with your clear skies and your 28 degrees. *waves to travelling Onion*
** Ahem. It seems we'll be waving to an Onion in Paris in the very near future.

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Rubyfire Writes said...

Wolf Hall...sigh...halfway through and I am in love with Thomas Cromwell...