23 July 2010

Spotted in the House

I spy a lot of lovely things.


Is this not just the most beautiful, the most sumptuous, the most mesmerising thing? Yesterday's arrival of the advance copies of Nicky Greenberg's extraordinary graphic adaptation of Hamlet was the cause of celebration, weeping, cheering and, we believe, a spot of mild inebriation.*

Hamlet is not out in the world until October, which is a criminally long time to wait. We suggest making a bee-line for Nicki's events at the Melbourne Writers Festival. It could be well worth your while. *cough* advance copies *cough*

Noni the Pony** has galloped boldly into the House. We love Noni. She is so cute you just want to squeeze her.

So it's lucky we made a wee Noni toy, for petting and squeezing.

We know more about making books than making toys - so imagine our surprise when some of the production decisions that had to be made for the toy were quite familiar. Which leads us to write an uncomfortable letter:

Dear 806 pink, We still love you, but we have to confess that we have been dallying with another colour. PMS 158. PMS 158 is a beautiful orangey/brown. We hope you won't be too upset. You're still our go-to pink, but you just would have looked out of place on Noni's bum. With love and affection, Onions.


A lemon and blueberry birthday bundt cake. Highly delicious.


This is Mr Badger. Mr Badger ... on a badge.
But who is Mr Badger? Who is Mr Badger?

*Not actually in the House, that last one. There's never any mild inebriation in the House. *Double checks that the Friday wine is in the fridge.*
** FYI, it's rather fun to sing 'Noni the Pony' to the tune of 'Only the Lonely.' No really, try it.


Megan Burke said...

Hahaha that is awesome! I love the toy horse, very cute

Alice said...

I'mn wearing my Mr Badger with pride... and looking forward to September when I get to meet him properly.

Wheeler Centre said...

Wow, nice looking Hamlet. We'd love to see more!

ClareSnow said...

I only just discovered Hamlet is not out til Oct. I'm so distressed to hear this that I have to blog about it. May i use your very pretty pic of the books. The inside looks truely divine. I'll link to the Alien Onion post and Hamlet's entry on A&U site and generally tell everyone its amazing, cos after The Great Gatsby Nicki G can do no wrong.

I did a thesis on GNs, so they are very close to my heart and my heart is breaking that i live on the other side of civilisation, don't even know when MWF was/is and miss so many cool GN things that happen in melb and sydney. i might just jump in a stream strewn with flowers

The Alien Onions said...

ClareSnow - Don't jump in the stream!

Nicki's Hamlet is truly divine, it is! And we're delighted that you would like to use our photo of the book on your blog - please go right ahead.