01 July 2010

Hoorays! Hurrahs!

So there was a swag of awards to be scooped up at the 2010 Australian Book Industry Awards (ABIAs) in Sydney last night - including Publisher Of The Year (we won! we won!). Happily, there were plenty of Sydney Onions on hand to do a healthy dose of scooping up of all manner of awards. Hoorays! Colour us very pleased indeed. And more than quietly proud.

And congratulations to one of our very favourite book stores, Readings Carlton who not only won Independent Bookseller of the Year, but who have also handily compiled the complete list of winners and shortlistings on their blog. Hurrahs! to you, Readings! Hurrahs to all the winners (especially ours), hurrahs to all those on the shortlists and hurrahs to all the readers out there who, like us, remain inordinately fond of curling up with a good book. Many hurrahs!


Nomes said...

congrats! That is sooo awesome! Off to follow some of your links.

And yay again! Hurrah! :)

Anonymous said...

Yay! Yay! Publishers of the Year, and so well deserved!