02 July 2010

Friday stuff and items

It's Friday, so we had a little look around and this is what we found.

Kate Gordon is making a nice big long list of writers who changed her world.

Lili Wilkinson is wearing her inner romance writer on her sleeve (or more precisely - at The Wheeler Centre).

Celine Kiernan is preparing to announce the winners of her competition.

Penni Russon is wrestling with boys names.

Kirsty Murray is making a nice big long list of must-blog-about-items.

Kate Constable is musing about primal instincts.

Karen Healey is all about the hunger.

Joanne Horniman is offering thanks to Simone de Beauvoir.

And, Jonathan Walker is inviting you to consider his etchings (well, Goya's etchings actually, but let's not quibble).

And in other news, we've had loads of emails pouring in the House to congratulate us for our winning ways at the ABIA's. We were especially delighted with these celebratory offerings from Elizabeth Honey.
A bunch of flowers, some boats and a cake, To share.

Paper daffodils! Glowing boats! Smiling cakes! Our new favourite things. Thank you ever so, Ms Honey. We gratefully accept your fine gifts.

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Miss Cackle said...

Oh, thanks for mentioning me, loveliest Onions! Happy Friday!