30 July 2010

Friday stuff and items

We have spoken before of our fondness for literary chickens. And it seems the Mothership (as well as HRH The Prince of Wales) also has a thing for chooks. May we present The Illustrated Guide to Chickens - get thee to a book store, chicken enthusiasts!

Some breeds of chicken have wonderfully eccentric names. For your pleasure, and ours, here are some that took our fancy:
Pencilled Hamburg
Plymouth Rock
Scots Dumpy
Marsh Daisy
Booted Bantam
Gold Laced Polish

A few recent arrivals in the House. So much to be excited about here.

'Poor grammar and spelling can lead to confusion... and threesomes.'
John Green talking about grammar and its importance to social discourse? Yes, please.


Megan Burke said...

That video is beyond amazing!

I love when you can take one badly written sentence and turn it into lots of different meanings!

Miss Cackle said...

I am about to start reading Mice. Don't know if I am looking forward to it or dreading it. It looks seriously spooky!

Mike said...

Loving Shake a Leg. A culture straddling story with genre-bending graphic novel meets picture book by two fine artists. What's not to like?

Jo said...

Just plain old Black Australorp brings the nicest thoughts to my mind. Or Rhode Island Red. Forget about fancy breeds!