19 July 2010


The Cake-maker Virtuoso returned to us today.*
So to ease her transition from holiday mode, SB made the most exquisite Madeleines. Almost too pretty to eat.**

Also on display were the traveller's feet.

Notable for two reasons:
1) Look at those pretty new shoes. ***
2) Look at that foot tan! We are choosing to view it as a kind of companion to Noah's rainbow; that foot tan is a covenant that summer will return to Melbourne one day.

* Thank heavens. We were half-afraid she would abandon us for the sophisticated delights of Paris.
** Almost. Om nom nom.
*** Apparently the French lessons came into their own when enabling the traveller to say with confidence, 'Size 39, please'


Claire said...

Those Madeleines do indeed look exquisite. I'm very jealous, and of the cake-maker's time in Paris!

I am also sending out a plea for help - I'm trying to track down a children's picture book that was popular (at my house at least) in the 80s, and it is about a girl who we think may be called Leanora, and she gets worried about how cold the ducks are in winter and so she knits them all scarves and hats. Do you have any idea what the book is?

The Alien Onions said...

Claire - you have totally stumped us with that one. It doesn't ring any bells here. And I have to admit that I did a spot of googling and still came up with nothing.

One of the Onions suggested eagerly that maybe you were thinking of 'Phoebe and the Hot Water Bottles' by Terry Furchgott and Linda Dawson. But that would mean that Leanora was actually Phoebe, that the ducks were actually hot water bottles, and that instead of kitting them scarves Phoebe used them to put out a fire. So... maybe not.

But we'll keep our eyes peeled for Leanora - the book sounds very cute. And we'd love to know if you hunt it down.


The Alien Onions said...

Wait! We have a new lead!

Could it be 'Borka: the Adventure of a Goose with No Feathers' by John Birmingham?
Looky here!

Cold goose? Yes! Knitting? Yes! Not sure about a Leonora.


Claire said...

Dear Marvellous Onions - thank you so much for your help, it is very appreciated. They are excellent suggestions and thank you for reminding me about Phoebe and the Hot Water bottles (I loved that one too) but I'm afraid it's not that, or the book about Borka (although that also looks excellent). My sister has remembered that the book featured acorns as well, if that rings any bells?

Claire said...

Just because mysteries shouldn't remain unsolved, I thought I should let you know I found it! It's called Acorns and Stew and it's by Ruth Orbach. Thank you so much for your help and thanks as well for your excellent blog.

The Alien Onions said...

Claire - Oh thank you so much for letting us know. I'm so pleased you solved the mystery.

But, truth to tell, I'm also quite ashamed, because I actually had 'Acorns and Stew' when I was a kid. The memory of it came flooding back as soon as I saw the cover. Those square ducks!

Did you have'Apple Pigs'also by Ruth Orbach? Very similar illustration style and feel to 'Acorns and Stew'. I adored 'Apple Pigs'.