08 May 2009

Warning: this list may contain traces of vampires

1) This piece of awesome speaks for itself really.

Fabulous work AB, AY and JY. We love it (and the boy next door).*

2) Speaking of vampires, Cathy Jinks realised that some of those vampires were keen to not harm the peoples and that, to cope with their sacrifice, they would need a support group:

Check out Cathy's interview with Booktopia:

3) On Lateline last night, our very own Garth Nix and the CEO of Dymocks, Don Grover, debated the merits (or lack thereof!) of abolishing territorial copyright and parallel importation laws. If you didn't see it, you can catch it here. Scroll down through the segments until you reach 'Dymocks CEO joins author to debate book imports'.

4) The lovely and very clever Elise Hurst on the challenging process of designing all three Moorehawke covers at once.

5) And for all you Michael Ende fans (and/or you children of the 80s), we just thought we'd revisit this favourite lolcat:

*(And the vampires. And the werewolves.)


Kathleen Noud said...

Thanks for the Gath Nix link. I was looking for it earlier today. BTW, this 80's kid still thinks Falcor rocks!

Penni Russon said...

Oh, I love the tee, do the authors get one??? (We really ought.)

p.s. wait till you read the subplot in Swoosie, irony rocks

p.p.s Falcor! and my capcha is redicat

thaliak said...

Love the Falcor look-alike. The Neverending Story was atually my first 'curling away from the world' book in the way described (by JW?) on April 14. Not because of secrets but because of the fantasy and escape of it all. Icy cold rain outside, and me lying on a cushion in front of the heater...