15 May 2009

Friday stuff

The serious stuff first
On the teev: Maralinga - The Anangu Story on the 7.30 Report! It includes interviews with Christobel Mattingley, Mima Smart - the head of the Yalata Council - and the other women from Yalata and Oak Valley communities who were involved in writing and illustrating the book. It's a moving, interesting and sometimes enraging story about a dark chapter of Australian history. Well worth watching - now showing on ABC iView or here on the 7.30 Report website.

Then the fun stuff
Over at the Meanjin blog: they are talking about Twitter lit. A very amusing cousin of the SMS novel.

In libraries around the world: Book quilts! Check out this Flickr pool of library quilts. We were particularly impressed by the one from the Boise Public Library. It has a dragon!

Finally, the sad stuff
In the House: Today is the cake-maker extraordinaire's last day in the House of Onion. Andrea McNamara is going on to bigger, bolder, brighter, more Penguin-shaped things. And we are very pleased. For her. But not for us. We will miss her terribly. Because she's not only extraordinaire at cakes, but at all sorts of other things too, not least making books. Oh, and making everything look good - and making football a part of our lives in ways we could never have imagined. There will be a large hole in the House of Onion on Monday morning.

So to say a little bit of thank you - here is a cake for you, Andrea. Sadly, we won't be eating it because it lives in another hemisphere*, but we feel that it's appropriate because by the end of the day we will all be roaring our terrible roars and rolling our terrible eyes and gnashing our terrible teeth ... and we may just not let you leave.

*Apparently this was made by Alison B at Town Lake Cakes, but we found it on Cake Wrecks , which is one of our all-time favourite blogs. If you haven't yet had the pleasure, it will make your Friday.

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Penni Russon said...

Oh! Goodbye Andrea - *sniffle*