20 May 2009

Trixie Belden v Nancy Drew (and a tangent)

Who doesn't love a girl sleuth or two?

Lili Wilkinson reckons that Trixie would belt Nancy in a fight.
At least one Onion disagrees.

Here are the stats:
  • 13-year-old freckled tomboy who lives on a farm, has many chores and is teased by brothers or;
  • 18-year old wealthy, attractive 'strawberry blonde' sophisticate who effortlessly knows how to do stuff (and has a boyfriend called Ned Nickerson!)?
It's apples and oranges, really. I find it hard to accept that it's an either/or option. I loved them both. Though Nancy probably edged out Trixie in the end, because reading is often about losing yourself in the fantasy of another world, another life, and, when it came down to it, I was a 13-year-old freckled tomboy who lived on a farm, had many chores and was teased by my brother... all that was missing was the opportunity for sleuthing. Sigh. Nancy's life was far more removed and glamorous - and therefore held lasting allure.

Browsing the internet for Nancy/Trixie* info we got totally distracted had an epiphany: redheads are popular:
Trixie Belden
Nancy Drew
Anne Shirley
Pippi Longstocking
The Weasleys
Ginger Megs
Cameron Ling**
Who do you think would win the battle of the redheaded super sleuths?

*Gee whilikers that would be some interesting fanfic.
** OK - not fictional, but beloved by many.


A latte beckons said...

Nancy Drew, Nancy Drew! I loved Nancy! (Never came across Trixie, for some reason, didn't appeal... meh.) There was one set in the Loire Valley which I particularly enjoyed (no idea what it's called).

I remember being impressed that Carolyn Keene could be so consistent in her word count, with every book coming out exactly the same page length.

I was mildly dshed to discover that "Carolyn Keene" was a team of people.

A latte beckons said...

"Dashed," I meant -- but that was before I read the link about the authors! What fascinating women and what a compelling story. Maybe collaborations aren't such a great idea (ulp)...

lili said...

The reason why I like Trixie better is because she is flawed. Nancy Drew was so perfect: rich, with perfect father, perfect boyfriend, perfect friends, perfect hair, ability to fly a plane in high heels. I just can't like or empathise with someone who has absolutely nothing wrong with them.

thaliak said...

I vote for Trixie (though that might have something to do with the seemingly neverending supply of them in my sister's bookcase). I only read Nancy Drew when I was older, but she somehow seemed 'from another era' while Trixie felt more real for me.
Go the redheads...

Bonnie said...

I read both as a girl, but now that I'm grown I appreciate Trixe and her "realism" so much more. Not that a 13yo girl sleuth in a tiny little town finding and solving mysteries that the authorities can't is real *g* but her everyday life was something I could relate to, at 13-14 when I read the books. Having a rich neighbor with horses and getting to go on trips and having adventures and being part of such a closeknit club *was* escape for me. I have little memories of the ND books I read at that age, but the minute I picked up The Secret of the Mansion, all of Trixie's adventures can flooding back to me. Trixie for certain (and esp. in a "street fight" because she's a tough tomboy with three brothers! *g*)

Anonymous said...

I read both as a girl, but came to greatly prefer Trixie as I got older. The Trixie volumes that are written by Julie Campbell are much better written than the Nancy Drew books - better characterization, far better dialogue. And, Trixie wasn't perfect, unlike Nancy.

Also, Trixie could beat ND with one hand tied behind her back!


Anonymous said...

As a 13 year old girl myself, I believe Trixie's books were better, as theyu are more realistic to life. Nncy Drew was perfect; perfect body, perfect house, perfect father, perfect boyfriend, while Trixie Belden had the flaws any teenager could relate to; math problems, a temper, annoying brother and complaints about chores. I also believe she would smask Nancy Drew in a fight. Go Trixie!!!