07 May 2009

A few more open letters

Dear 4-colour process printing,

You are very clever. I love the way you make all those millions of rich and beautiful hues from just four little colours. I also like how most of your colours are dressed up in fancy names - Cyan, Magenta, Key - but Yellow is just plain old Yellow. I want you to know that I value and appreciate you... so I hope you won't be offended to hear that I'm using PMS 806 on the cover of a book I'm sending to the printer today. It's just that it needs to be really PINK - you know?

with warm wishes for our future relationship,

Yeah... it's not really working out between us.

keep it real,
Dear Staccato Short Sentences,

I love you. I truly do. Less is more. For sure. Most of the time. I am also enamoured of variety. Allow me to introduce you to my friend, the comma.

Yours in anticipation,
Dear Quark,

It's not you, it's me.

Design team
Dearest, most cherished and most beloved Coffee Machine,

We miss you in the morning; we miss you in the evening; we miss you at supper time.

Please come back soon.

Eternal love,


Mark Lawrence said...

Nice one. Ditto deadline, ditto Quark.

Alice said...

Doesn't the K in CMYK stand for Kronos? It's doubly poetic next to pedestrian Yellow.