04 May 2009

Every good editor deserves fruit-cake

We just wanted to share the exciting news that Kim Kane and the House of Onion's very own Elise Jones have won the Barbara Ramsden Award for Excellence in Editing for their work on Kim's book Pip: the Story of Olive.

'The Ramsden is a major literary award for a book of quality writing in any field of literature. Awarded jointly to author and publisher’s editor, it recognises the combined effort of both parties to achieve the final result. Editors who have won it include John Bangsund, Sue Ebury, Shirley Purchase, Lee White, Janet Mackenzie, Wendy Sutherland.'

Excellent work, Elise and Kim!!

In celebration we had a delicious cake made by the cake-maker-in-waiting:

Sadly, EJ was not here to participate in her own celebration, so, out of the goodness of our hearts, we ate her piece.

NB Any of you who are feeling a strange sense of deja-vu about this post will be interested to know that Kim and Elise collected their award on Friday night, so we can now trumpet the news all over town.

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