21 April 2009


Do you know about Scarygirl? She's got a patch on one eye, a tentacle for an arm and her guardian is a ginormous octopus. She is as cute as a button and a little bit odd.
And now she has her own online game, and the buzz is loud - twitter, blogs, the worldwide intermanets are exploding with love for Scarygirl.

Check out the trailer:

Scarygirl Game Trailer from Touch My Pixel on Vimeo.

Then go to www.scarygirl.com to play the game.
For free, people, FOR FREE.

So guess what...
we are so hip it hurts,
we are so cool we're hot,
we are so hot we're smokin'.

Why, Onions, why are you so hip and cool and smokin' hot?
We will tell you why...


*editor fans self with proof pages and has to sit down*

As you can tell, we're a little bit excited. Here is why:
1) Scarygirl is ever so charming, and her adventures are touching and warm-hearted, funny and hair-raising.
2) Nathan Jurevicius's artwork is flipping amazing.
Really, it speaks for itself better than we could ever explain, so here is a little VERY SPECIAL SNEAK PEAK of the Scarygirl graphic novel. As Rilla at Rinzen says, 'Lop off the top of your head, open your mind and spoon in the spine-tingling adventures of Scarygirl.'

^It's really not that far away, truly.


celine said...

Oh man. Stunning! reminds me a little of Kellie Strom's work? Do you know him? Can't wait to read this!

Nicki Greenberg said...

Gorgeous! Amazing! Gimme gimme! Can't wait to see the book. Yes, you onions are the coolest.

Tom said...

I want to go to there.

Kate said...

Awesome! Reminds me a bit or Jhonen Vasquez or Roman Dirge.

Renee Kurilla said...

Wow, I am really late leaving comments on this post...but this is AWESOME news. Scary Girl is so inspiring to me...the colors, the characters...perfect!

Patricio OLiver said...

lovely news!!! congrats!!!!