09 April 2009

h) all of the above

Bruno is...

a) an exceptional designer,
b) very tall,
c) a fabulous typesetter,
d) Dutch,
e) inordinately fond of typography,
f) the only boy in our office,


A barcode cake!!
The cake-maker extraordinaire really outdid herself this time.
And not only did it look grand, it was rich and chocolatey and om nom nom.

Justine & Lili are showing off their brand new (not-quite-on-the-shelf-yet) Bruno-designed book covers. And as the folk are saying - they are very handsome indeed.

Happy birthday, Bruno. Thank you for making us look so good!


elise said...

Happy birthday Bruno!! Cool cake :-) Take it and run. Run now... or it will be all gone. Run north (I'll send coordinates).

miss elise said...

Too late Elise, says Elise... too late!

Anonymous said...

You ladies spoil that boy rotten! I hope he doesn't expect that kind of attention at home now too!

Looks delicious...am very jealous of both a) those who got to eat the cake and b) those with the incredible baking skills.

Natalie Hatch said...

Congrats to Bruno, and I love Lili's cover, very very pink.

A latte beckons said...

Happy birthday, Bruno, and thank you.