29 April 2009

Inner-city pressure*

Things are crazy busy here in the House of Onion. Books are going to the printer left, right and centre. There is also stuff, items and whatnot taking up time. So while we collect our thoughts, why don't you look over here:

The ever-whimsical, ever-delightful McSweeney's has published a book of letters from kids to Barack Obama. You can read some here. (And just because we love a list, and no one does a list better than McSweeney's: Reasons You Might Die of Consumption in a 19th-century Novel, in Order From Least Likely to Most Likely)

In honour of swine flu (Will Wilbur be our downfall?**), how well do you know your apocalypse fiction?

Editorial Anonymous has some good advice about how to become a children's book editor, beginning with our favourite: 'You'd better be seriously interested in children's books. Not "I could be interested if I got a job in children's books". Interested NOW.'

Oh and look, Mr Chicken Goes to Paris is a book! Oui oui!

And the endpapers are so gorgeous we just about can't stand it (and the ones at the back are different!!).

*Bret and Jermaine know what we're talkin' about.
** Clearly, we spoke too soon about the popularity of pigs!

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