20 April 2009

A little something

Some things that are good on Monday:
  • Meanjin's new blog, 'Spike' (Not only generally good, it also includes LOLcats and seems to be named for a vampire.)
  • Barrack Obama reading Where the Wild Things Are
  • The Guardian talking about parallel importation and territorial copyright. 'If it succeeds, Australia will be the largest book market to remove standard protections given to publishers and authors across the English-speaking world.'

Something that isn't so good on Monday:
  • Getting to work to find an email that says: 'Poor tipping, you scored 2 points.' Sigh.

Something that is GENIUS ALL THE TIME:
  • Gary Ablett

1 comment:

A latte beckons said...

I also scored a measly 2. In a round that was apparently so one-sided! Ah, it's a funny old game.

Meanwhile Evie's policy of tipping the bird teams is working pretty well.