17 April 2009

Friday items

We are not sure if this multi-purpose bookcase (it's a coffin, people!) is genius or wrong, wrong, wrong-town...
via (appropriately) Bookshelves of Doom (thanks to KJ-W)

We are sure about this one though. Genius. And not just because it features The Big Twitch by Sean Dooley, our most favourite birdman. (Truly it does, see up there in the top left corner - and see what the painting is called.) Yep, Victoria Reichelt, definitely genius.

While we're on the subject of books, multi-purpose items and genius: check out this genius bookbag and this genius reading light-bookshelf-bookmark thingy. Want.

And we hope you will allow us a moment of quiet pridefulness because last night was the launch of the Maralinga - the Anangu Story written by the Yalata and Oak Valley Communities with Christobel Mattingley. We are very proud to be publishing this book. Many folk travelled from near and far to gather in fair Adelaide to celebrate, and to cheer it out into the world; may it find safe harbour in hearts and minds all across our wide brown land, and beyond.

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A latte beckons said...

I spy some other favourites on that bookshelf too -- CS Lewis, Great Gatsby (sadly not Nicki's version), Blind Assassin etc

Surely the Complete Price Guide to Watches (nicked/bought from the library?) is not a real book. Though libraries do stock some pretty bizarre stuff.