24 October 2008

A tale of three covers

Guest Post # 2 - from the Mothership, thanks again LB

Here are the US and UK covers for Teen, Inc by Stefan Petrucha. Both are published by our cousins at Bloomsbury. Can you tell which is which?*

We loved Teen Inc - a fast-paced read, part comedy, part The-Firm-style espionage adventure.

(Interjection: A Melbourne Onion ran downstairs to look at a copy of Teen Inc after reading the draft of this post, started reading it by accident and is now totally hooked. The premise is completely awesome: boy is raised by a corporation - his 'parent company' - after the corporation is responsible for the death of his parents. Poor old Jaiden has to suffer through hideous things like board meetings designed to 'facilitate' his dating options.)

We longed for a cover that would say something a little different to Australian readers. Lisa White designs beautiful books for adult Onion titles. And happily she sometimes moonlights on YA and children's books as well. So with a vague brief, a minuscule photo budget and a whole heap of plastic toys and gadgets sourced from the local $2.00 shop, Lisa came up with this for the Oz edition:

Clever girl.

* The illustrated jacket is the UK edition. The photographic image is the US edition.

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Penni Russon said...

oof, now I'm addicted to reading the PDF. If I don't make my deadline it's YOUR fault.