10 October 2008

Making us look good

Zoe Sadokierski has the mad design skillz.

She used to be an Onion, and now that she has left the fold (the larder? the pantry? where do you store onions?) we lure her back as often as we can.
Here is a selection from our Sadokierski library.

Isn't she clever?

Zoe has an online folio here for your viewing pleasure. And here she blogs about book design, with examples of two of our all-time favourites: The Great Gatsby and The Red Shoe.

Sadly, we are to be without her services for three long months, as Zoe has adventure on her mind.

Using a world map, the internet, her flatmate Katherine and lots of red wine, she cobbled together a travel itinerary that includes: drinking breakfast cocktails on a plane to Tokyo, travelling from Beijing to St Petersburg on the trans Mongolian rail, visiting Santa under the northern lights in Lapland, finding her Grandma's village in Poland, pursuing Dracula in Romania, floating around some hot baths in Budapest, eating her way through Germany to Berlin at Christmas, and heading home via London and NYC. She will not have a mobile phone or laptop.

Colour us envious. Sigh.

Happily, she has exciting new projects to work on when she returns...


Nicki Greenberg said...

Zoe is the bee's striped pyjamas!

For a great laugh, check out the "ten fonts I hate" entry on her blog. It is gold!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear -- now I have to live with the sad knowledge that Zoe will never be my friend. I have been guilty of using at least two of those fonts. I twas in a former life, does that count?