30 October 2008

In which Eric eats cake

So it seems we haven't had cake for a while (and, it's true, the cake-maker has been away). But she is back today and she arrived with cakes in hand! Hooray! Little bite-sized lemony ones in dainty (pink, yellow and green) paper cupcake cups, topped with icing.

But it's not actually true that we haven't had cake treats. We have been holding out on you. We did have cookies in the near past, and they were sweet and round and melt-in-the-mouth and full of chocolatey goodness - and they disappeared from the kitchen in such a flash that there was no time to photograph them.

And speaking of all things cake - the most excellent cake-maker-in-waiting (Hilary) baked one of the most impressive of our occasion cakes. It was this one.*

But for real - with fresh strawberries and layers of yum. And she baked it for the day Shaun came in to sign our staff copies of Tales From Outer Suburbia. Omnom. Oh happy day.

So perhaps there's a message here for all our illustrators:
if you draw it, we will bake.

*Thanks Shaun - for letting us share Eric's cake.
PS: If you haven't already discovered Eric - you can find him here.

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