02 October 2008

Brian Banana Duck Omnom Tasty

A quick explanation of our profile pic and our cake obsession:

One of the denizens of our big old house is the very talented Andrea. Andrea is very talented at publishing books about sport and opera singers and other awesome things, but more importantly she is EXTREMELY TALENTED at CAKE-MAKING. There was the one with beautiful pineapple flowers all over it, and the one that looked like a soccer pitch (for the World Cup), and the multi-layer chocolate meringue one, and the awesome summer puddings and more and more. But my favourite was the little biscuits to celebrate Brian Banana Duck Sunshine Yellow by Chris McKimmie.

See ... his pants are orange and his beak is yellow, just like Brian's.

Andrea - any chance of a Special Kev cake?


lib_idol said...

I once made some awesome chocolate cookies to celebrate "The story of the little mole..."

They even had choc-chips.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I happened to be there the day of the raspberry, hazelnut meringue & cream creation. Best cake EVER!!!