21 October 2010

What We're All About

Last week we had the pleasure of the company of a class of NMIT students, who were given a peek into this whole thing we call publishing.

And after only a couple of hours with us, we believe they have the makings of fine fine editors and publishers.

They really just got the publishing business, you know. They understood what we are all about...

which, of course, is CAKE!

Look look what we received yesterday:

We admired them.
Then we ate them.*

Thanks, guys!
High distinction.

* For clarity, we ate the cakes; we did not eat the students.


Alex said...

WOW - they are LUSH cakes!! *yum*

Unknown said...

So glad they went down well (as it were!)

The Roaming Moon said...

Thank you Julia for your insight into the publishing world; it was great!

Anonymous said...

We love A & U! It's so great that there are still "big" publishers around who were willing to take the time to educate the publishers (hopefully)of tomorrow!