20 October 2010

Wednesday Stuff and Items

1) The Keepers series has its own website! www.keepersbooks.com.au It's so pretty! There's interesting info about Lian Tanner, and the characters in Museum of Thieves, and there are heaps of extras and fun stuff.* There is a report that the quiz is so fiendish that the editor of the book may have not exactly completely passed it, as such.** We challenge you to do better!

2) Penguin books in Malaysia have produced beautiful print ads for their 'unputdownable' classics. Absolutely gorgeous, especially The Railway Children.

3) The Guardian is putting together a dedicated books site for young readers - and they've put out a call for actual real live young readers to help run it. Awesome.

4) We have already noted that Readings had the inspired idea of teaming Nicki Greenberg and Shaun Tan together as the inaugural artists in their Working Art Project. It seems that they are not the only ones who recognise that Nicki and Shaun are a match made in artistic heaven. The Wheeler Centre has paired them up for an event as well. Genius!

5) Maralinga - The Aangu Story by Yalata and Oak Valley communities, with Christobel Mattingley has been shortlisted for the Young People's History Prize in the NSW Premier's History Awards. We're so pleased and proud! Big congratulations to everyone involved in the making of the book!

*Very Nice Work, Sydney Onions!
**Unconfirmed report!

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