27 October 2010

Five questions for the Tall Designer

We didn't ask them. Spike did.
They are interesting questions, and he answered in a very interesting fashion.

Go forth, read, enjoy, and discover behind-the-scenes stuff about the cover design for Lili Wikinson's Pink!

If we had asked Bruno five questions it would have looked more like this:
1) I'm going for coffee - is your KeepCup clean?
2) Well, I like it, but what is it, exactly?
3) Do you think we could add the title to the front cover?
4) How do I work the scanner again?
5) Can I have the archive files for Zombies vs Unicorns?
Which would have been far less interesting for everyone, especially Bruno.

1 comment:

Amy Choi said...

I don't understand designers at all - and I mean that as a compliment. I would get to "Conception" and freeze.