29 October 2010

Friday Stuff and Items - Halloween Edition

1) Aiiiiiiiiiiiiii!
Did you know that in 1996 the residents of North Tarrytown, New York voted to change the name of their village to Sleepy Hollow. Washington Irving, author of The Legend of Sleep Hollow, is buried in their cemetery. You can take a haunted hayride through the very street down which Ichabod Crane fled the Headless Horseman. We commend the residents of Sleepy Hollow for their commitment to their literary legacy.

2) AHAhaHAhahahaHAha!
Lit Drift has some hilarious suggestions for literary Halloween costumes. Our favourite: 'J.D. Salinger: Take extreme measures to part your hair with the utmost meticulousness. Then don't leave the house at all.'

3) Arrrroooooooo!
So your costume is all sorted. But what about your companion animal? The New Yorker's annual Critterati contest has the answers! This year's winners are SUPERB. Here is Mark as the Nurse from Romeo and Juliet.

4) WoooOOOOoooOOooo
In the mood for a spot of ghosting? We highly recommend younger readers begin with Catherine Jinks's series Allie's Ghost Hunters, starting with Eglantine. Older readers in the mood for a Halloweeny bite of vampire or howl of werewolf could begin with The Reformed Vampire Support Group or The Abused Werewolf Rescue Group.

1 comment:

lili said...

I went to a Halloween party as Miss Haversham once. People didn't recognise me and apparently I looked so creepy that nobody would talk to me.

...or, at least that's what they said.