18 March 2010

Tempus certainly does fugit

Onions: Oh hai. Look over there*!
Blog readers: Oh why. What’s over there?
Onions: Well, certainly more than what’s been over here lately.

We’d like to take this moment to apologise, dear readers.

We have neglected you. We have had very much of the busyness and the pressing deadlines and the post-Bologna-preparations catch-up of everything we had to let slide while we made dummies and updated blurbs and synopses and waxed lyrical about our forthcoming books so our wonderful Publisher & Rights people had plenty of gold to draw upon when they pitch our fabulous books at short sharp meetings with eager agents and publishers from around the world. Go little books go. Storm that castle.

Deep breath. And another one.

Because there is also this:

One Onion is on the eve of a rather intrepid outing. There will be mountains. There will be trekking. There will be much in the manner of new and exciting experiences.

And so, there has been much tidying of matters, meeting of pre-departure deadlines, peoples to contact, books to keep on track, lists to tick off, hiking boots to wear in.**

So, dear reader, we ask that you forgive us for our radio silence. We will recover our stride. Yes we will.

Yours faithfully,


*And over there you will find that Spike is discussing something dear to our hearts indeed - Tender Morsels (in its new Shaun Tan finery) and dark YA.
** And a certain amount of delegating to be done, too, we can't help but notice, mutters a stay-at-home colleague.

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