31 March 2010

Auf wiedersehen, adieu

Today there will be hot cross buns and weeping, for it is the last day in the office of our best-beloved Publishing Operations Manager, Jenni Walker.

We will miss her firm hand on the tiller.
We will miss her patience and her expertise.
We will miss her thoroughness and her unflappability. (Or should that be her lack of flap?)
We will miss her competitive edge and her vast store of trivia knowledge - particularly the geography.
We will miss her gentle reminders,
her strappy shoes jingling on the stairs,
her enthusiasm for Excel,
and her yellow plastic sandwich containers.

Jenni - thank you so much for everything; most of all we'll just miss you!

Best best best luck with all your exciting new adventures, and GO DOGGIES!

With love,
The whole bunch of grateful Onions.
(*sniff, sniffle, sob*)

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