25 March 2010

Guinea-pig Thursday*

Not this kind:

This kind:
Guinea-pig Thursday - when the Cake-maker in Chief experiments with a cake she's never made before and tries it out on us.
We are the guinea-pigs.
Best. Gig. Ever.

This may seem like a gloat post - but really it has a much nobler aim.**
This is a hymn of thanks to the Cake-maker in Chief who has produced the most celestial confections over the last few weeks.

Here is but a sampling.

Coconut Lemon Cake

Banoffee Pie

(The Tall Designer proclaimed this one the Best Ever. It's a big call, but it does have merit.)

Thank you, Cake-Maker in Chief! You are, as my grandfather would have said, a dab hand at baking.

Henceforth you shall be known as the Cake-Maker Virtuoso.

This may seem a subtle difference to some, but if there's one thing we know at the House of Onion, it's that subtle differences in word choice can make all the difference.

All hail the Cake-Maker Virtuoso! Long live Guinea-pig Thursday!

* Warning - this post may contain no traces of books
**Also - gloaty gloaty gloaty. (Which is not at all the same thing as goaty goaty goaty.


Rebecca said...

Oh, YUM. I wish I could be that sort of Guinea-pig!

kate.o.d said...

oh lordy. look at the deliciousness. although i am also lucky. my housemate is the proud inventor of a chocolate mousse pie with a two-kinds-of-biscuit and peanut butter crust. we have dubbed it the "sweet as tony" pie and save it for special ncis moments. nom nom.