05 March 2010

Friday stuff and items

Inspiration. We could use some around here. Who couldn't on a muggy Friday afternoon?

Go here for a lovely, uplifting and intriguing post by Kate Constable about seven things that have inspired her writing.

Go here for a collection of TED talks on language, grammar and dictionaries. It's worth watching the Erin McKean one just to hear her say 'lexicographical'. (Thanks for the link to the round up, @macqdictionary) We highly recommend noodling around the TED website for all kinds of inspiration.

Go here for the new OK Go video clip that everyone is talking about. It's really and truly worth it.

Go here for an interesting comparison of US and UK book covers, which might well inspire us to post some more of our international editions soon.

Go here for an XKCD cartoon that we are finding amusing.

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