10 November 2009

Magic beach

Melbourne is currently... well, unseasonably warm is a gentle way to put it.

Our big old terrace copes reasonably well with the heat, but some of the rest of us do not.

One Onion spent a large portion of yesterday teasing us with photos of the cool rippling water lapping quietly at the beach where she was, and we weren't.

But she's back in the office now, so sucks to her ass-mar.*

Now we are all gazing longingly at the beach where she was and now isn't, and where we never were - and we want to infect you all with that longing.

Don't you wish you were here...?

* Apparently, unseasonal heat brings out the mean and begrudging in us.


Rebecca said...

um, yes, very much. Which beach is it exactly?

The Alien Onions said...


Yes! Me too!

The beach is Ocean Grove on the Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria, and the headland is The Bluff at Barwon Heads. It was GLORIOUS yesterday (despite the lack of big waves).


sophie said...

I had no idea that onions were so bitter.

The Alien Onions said...

Sophie: Only when overcooked.