18 November 2009

All quiet on the Onion front...

Well, not so quiet really. Rather busy with all the wrangling.

But, as ever, we made time for cake. And, in honour of the birthday Onion, it was an E-cake, full of chocolately goodness and swarming with summer berries. Nom. Nom. Nom.*

Unsurprisingly an E-cake is not much like an e-book at all, and definitely more pleasing to the taste buds.**

* Happily we also discovered iced e-hole items in the kitchen for later consumption.
** Much kudos to the Cycling Cake-maker who prepared the cake at home, packed it snugly into her bike panniers and navigated the smoothest path to work, all with great success.


Rebecca said...

very happy birthday to E!!! and, oh, what a divine-looking cake that is!

Penni Russon said...

You do realise Kate and I are expecting a Swoosie cake don't you?

I am very impressed at the cycling cake-making courier.

Sam said...

Now I want cake. Moreso than usual I mean.

Celine said...

NOMNOMNOM? How dare you openly flaunt your nom nom noming when the rest of us can only helplessly read about it.


(happy birthday E ... is that E either of my two lovely E's or do Es abound in Onionland?)