27 November 2009

Friday stuff and items

1) It's cake season in the House of Onion at the moment,* and even though the Cake-maker Extraordinaire flies (waddles?) with a different flock these days, she's still exerting her influence around here.

The Cake-maker-in-Chief recently discovered an unexpected envelope in her in-tray. At first she thought it might be a surprise book contract, but no. It was a recipe and an instruction about whose birthday said recipe would suit. The recipe included the preparation of sugared rosemary. Yes, dear reader, sugared rosemary. Who thinks of these things? It also featured oranges asimmer, hazelnuts aroasting and Grand Marnier aplenty.

We are delighted to inform you that the Cake-maker-in-Chief executed this recipe with SUBLIME results. SUBLIME. Wish you were here.

2) It's also the busy season. There are still 11 books to go to the printer from the House of Onion before Christmas. (Hoo boy - that looks really scary in print, so we're just going to make the font really tiny.) Clearly the only thing to do is watch YouTube videos, like this one:

via Bookshelves of Doom

3) And it's ALWAYS lolcat season**

*Isn't it always.
**In the interests of fair and transparent representation of the House of Onion as a whole, we need to note that E - of E-cake fame - does not find pictures of cats with poorly spelled captions amusing.


kate.o.d said...

can we has the recipe?

Anonymous said...

The Onions have inspired us to bake... http://rooeymarree.wordpress.com/2009/11/26/rooeys-cooking-adventures/
Our office has been smelling rather pleasant this week!

HR said...

kate.o.d. - I can't find the recipe online in delicious's archives, but I did find a blogger who'd made a pared-back version. http://kitchenlaw.blogspot.com/2009/05/inimitable-italian-orange-hazelnut.html
To go the whole hog, you also need 200g mascarpone whisked with 200mL cream, 2 tbsp icing sugar and a grating-over of nutmeg; swipe single rosemary leaves through egg white and then caster sugar and leave on foil or baking paper to dry out (I did this bit the night before - tweezers and a glass of wine are invaluable here).

Alice said...

Wow! Will certainly have to try to it. Seems sufficiently exotic to make a serious entry in next year's bake-off but I don't know if its ethically sound to steal a recipe found by another A & U employee...