02 November 2009

Fictions on the Field II

Oo look, we're instituting a tradition. It counts as a tradition if you've done it once before, right?

Horses you would bet on if the 2009 Melbourne Cup were...

a Sherlock Holmes mystery:
  • Harris Tweed

a Wordsworth poem:
  • Daffodil

an AA Milne poem:
  • Changingoftheguard

a biography of the Kennedy clan:
  • Newport

a Melvin Burgess novel:
  • Shocked

an episode of CSI/Bones/Law & Order/City Homicide etc etc etc ad infinitum:
  • Crime Scene

a piece of government legislation:
  • Alcopop

a Dodgem Car ride:
  • Leica Ding

an ancient civilization characterised by an autocratic ruler with a yen for the arts, engineering and military-led expansion:*
  • Roman Emperor

May your bets be fruitful, your sweep-draws be lucky, your champagne be chilled and your fascinator firmly attached.

*If it were an Asterix comic on the other hand, you certainly WOULDN'T be betting on poor old Roman Emperor.

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