16 October 2009

Mischief of one kind and another, aka Friday Stuff and Items

It's only 49 sleeps until the Spike Jonze/Dave Eggers Where the Wild Things Are is released in Oz.*

1) Speaking of Dave Eggers (and we could for days...), McSweeney's as a daily broadsheet? Where do we subscribe?

2) Speaking of McSweeney's, here is a list for your enjoyment.

3) Speaking of lists, the Guardian is compiling an awesome one about fairytales.

4) Speaking of the Guardian, David Barnett is lovely on sewing a wolf suit**

5) Speaking of wolf suits, it may be a month and a bit until WTWTA is released here - but it's 'tonight' in the US.

Let the wild rumpus start!

Where the Wild Things Are Movie Still
See More Where the Wild Things Are Movie Still at IGN.com

*Almost better than Christmas!
**Warning: this article links to images of a range of full-sized costumes inspired by the story. Yes, dear reader, full-sized wolf suits. That is all.

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