15 October 2009

Maralinga - The Aṉangu Story on Our ABC

We're having a quietly proud moment, because this Sunday at 1 pm* the first of two documentaries based on Maralinga -The Aangu Story will be shown on ABC Message Stick.

The documentaries were filmed in August at Oak Valley and Yalata communities and at Maralinga. And they should be really worth watching.

'I was worried about my country. I grieved. I was upset about what the bombs would do to the land... The people who have done the damage should take it away. They should please clean up the place properly. My birthplace got bombed down. The bomb ruined my country, they spoiled all my country. People died north side and west side. Fell down and died. I am sad.' -- Myra Watson

Sad man by Yvonne Edwards

Do tune in if you get a chance.

Go here for more about Message Stick
And here for more about Maralinga - The Aṉangu Story

* 1st film
SUNDAY 18 OCTOBER 1.30 pm, Channel 2
(repeated Friday 23 October, 6pm)

2nd film
SUNDAY 25 OCTOBER 1.30 pm, Channel 2
(repeated Friday 30 OCTOBER 6pm)

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kate.o.d said...

this is a beautiful book (i cried) and i am sure will make a very moving and interesting documentary. i will definitely be tuning in.