13 October 2009

Further Anne

Much to the disgust of She Who Will Remain Nameless (Actually, since the shameful confessions in the last post, I like to call her Josie Pye), I want to talk about Anne some more.
Really, it's Josie's fault - she planted the seed.

So anyway... The books are my first and abiding love, but I did enjoy the miniseries too. At least, I enjoyed the first two. I didn't know until today that THERE IS A THIRD!

Anne of Green Gables: the Continuing Story

Judging by the story synopsis here, it is a total departure from the books. (TOTAL, UTTER, COMPLETE DEPARTURE)

But, let's face it, AofGG: The Sequel is a very odd mishmash of books, and I still enjoyed it.

Which brings me to my questions:
  1. Has anyone seen Anne of Green Gables: the Continuing Story?
  2. If so, is it any good?
  3. Why is Cameron Daddo in it??


Rachel Holkner said...

I've seen it. It's OK but not a patch on the others, it lacks their warmth and humour. Also, it's set during WWI so not too many funnies there.
Cameron Daddo's in it pretending not to be Australian. Bad accent.

Anonymous said...

My sister discovered the Continuing Story when she was in Canada, about 7 years ago... she brought home a copy on VHS for us.

It does depart considerably from the books, but at the same time manages to maintain the whole "anne" feel, and after watching it, you don't feel like you've been cheated out of anything. (Unless you've read the books and know what really happens!)

My sister, who hasn't read any of the books, thoroughly enjoyed it, and I, who have read all the books (and bawled my eyes out in appropriate parts) appreciated it for the fact that they changed the previous movie, so had to make sure this one made sense to all the non-readers.

I would recommend watching it, but if you've read all the books, go into thinking about the last movie, not the last book!

You can buy all 3 movies on DVD at JB Hi-Fi...

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah... not sure why Cameron Daddo is in it, but he's fairly hot! And from what I remember, presents a challenge to Gilbert for Anne's heart!

A latte beckons said...

Oo-er. I enjoyed the first mini-series and forced my children to watch it (haven't seen the second).
Not sure I could face a WWI Anne that wasn't "Rilla of Ingleside" - I know that book practically off by heart and it taught me everything I knew about the Great War for many years.

If Cameron Daddo is vying for Anne's heart, does that mean Anne and Gilbert are not an ancient married couple? What is the chronology here??

The Alien Onions said...

Thanks all! Very interesting.

I'm not sure if I'd be able to set the books aside enough to enjoy it - even though it sounds quite pleasant on its own.

KATE - I adored 'Rilla of Ingleside' too (once I got over the shock of Anne being called 'Mrs Blythe' or - of course - 'Mrs Doctor Dear' - for most of the book). Sob. Walter. Sob. Little Dog Monday. Sob. Una's 'steadfast eyes'. Sob sob. But the saddest thing of all for me is how, because it was written between the wars, everyone is so sure that the sacrifice is worth it and they really have won freedom from war and oppression. It breaks my heart to think that, if the books continued, Rilla would go through it all again with her own boys.

So - As curious as I am to see Cameron Daddo vying with Gilbert for Anne's affections, I think I won't race off and order the DVD.


The Alien Onions said...

I am lost. This is a landscape for which I have no compass. I have no idea what you are all talking about...


Penni Russon said...

I have to admit I stopped reading when Anne became a grown up. I couldn't get into her post marriage.

Loved the miniseries.

miss elise said...

Penni, I distinctly remember crouching on a concrete step at school in grade 3, forcing myself through all the adult-Anne books... she was too grown-up for me, though I steadfastly ignored this, and boredom, and read the lot anyway. But the early ones, oh! Most notable moments of all Anne's time: the Lady boat scene, and the... blackberry cordial incident!

ThirdCat said...

Cameron Daddo is in it because Hugh Grant wasn't available.

Also, I will never get tired of saying 'Cameron Daddo'.

kate.o.d said...

don't do it, don't watch it! and there is a prequel coming out, did we discuss that yet? with barbara hershey and someone else...no no no no no. i won't watch it.

Anonymous said...

I've read all the books and watched all three miniseries and the third one left a bad taste in my mouth. It just seemed to be an ill-conceived attempt to cash in on the other two. Too much angst, not enough charm. I say don't do it, Anne fan.