04 August 2009

Two birthdays and a graduation

It's been a busy few days in the House of Onion.
Aside from all the editing and the publishing and the designing and the administrating and the whatnot, that is.

It began on Friday last week with a Significant Birthday for SB. (Many happy returns, SB!) The Rogue Cake-maker (not the Cake-maker-in waiting, nor her Understudy) produced a rhubarb and mascarpone tart that was absolutely delicious. And there's no better proof of that than the fact that it went so fast we don't have a photo of it. It was scrumptious!

And the revelry continued today with EJ's birthday - not Significant, but still celebratory. (w00t, EJ, w00t!) So the Cake-maker-in-waiting stepped up to the plate...

and laid on top of it a magnificent chocolate tart.*

Dark, rich, smooth. Perfect pastry. All round a delight.

With this amazing tart, we reckon our Cake-maker has proved she is in-waiting no longer! She must claim her rightful title of the Cake-maker-in-chief.** If only we had a sceptre and a mantel with which to invest her. As it is she must make do with our thanks and our awe (and our anticipation for the next creation).

*Those of you who were addicted to MasterChef will remember this creation. Most people saw that and thought, 'Wow, that's mental, glad I'm not having to cook that under pressure.' Not our Cake-maker though, she went, 'Yeah, I reckon I can give that a redhot go.' And she did!
** And we're sure the not-late, but still much-lamented, Cake-maker-extraordinaire agrees.


of thieves said...

I'm surprised I managed to send a link to this around the office, considering how incapacitated by hunger I feel now.

celine said...

Oh My GOD! I Need that tart.

A latte beckons said...