14 August 2009

Friday stuff and items

1) We haven't read very many of these. Oops.

2) We've mentioned Arthur Ransome's books quite a bit here. They are special to us. (One Onion and her mother even went on this outing a couple of years ago It was just the two tour operators, their two chocolate labradors, the Onion, her mother and the whispy traces of Nancy, Peggy, Titty, John, Susan and Roger.) Well, now we can read all about the bizarre and intriguing life of Ransome himself.

3) It's 'Kirsty Murray week' at Persnickety Snark. Hooray!
Kirsty's gripping, intense and totally wonderful Vulture's Gate is out this month.
One girl - could she be the last girl alive? How could you not want to read it immediately?

4) Apart from some dubious apostrophe choices, these are awesome!

5) And finally... Are some of the books in your library hideously out of date? Join the club. Some of these are absolutely hilarious!

1 comment:

Celine said...

WOW. I never thought of Esther as being a female Caulden - but she IS!!! She's a far more understandble character for me too. I always thought Caulden was a bit whiney ( oh, don't kill moi!)

'Sarah' sounds a v interesting read!

Might I add, I thought 'Half Blood Prince' was the best Potter movie yet. The sets and costumes etc blew me away.