20 August 2009

Inkys Inkys Inkys! Oi Oi Oi!

The Inkys longlist has been announced.

And what a lovely list it is. Lots to get excited about. Lots to sink your teeth into (in a totally non-vampiric kind of way).

The list of all the longlisted books is up here.

And we're especially pleased to see these beauties holding court among them:

Silver Inky

The 10PM Question by Kate de Goldi

'Tuesday the fourteenth of February began badly for Frankie Parsons. There was no milk for his Just Right. There was no Go-Cat for The Fat Controller, so The Fat Controller stood under the table meowing while Frankie ate his toast.'

Gold Inky

My Candlelight Novel by Joanne Horniman

'This is my story. It will be about birth & death and love & sex. I will make it something after my own heart, tender and dark, a little candlelight novel, started this late summer night...'

Screw Loose
by Chris Wheat

'I can catch tennis balls in my mouth. Matilda
She's kinda cute but if she bites, try rubbing her tummy. Craig R
Sure, I threw up on his bedroom floor, but we're still an item. Joshua Y'

Worldshaker by Richard Harland

'I loved Worldshaker! A claustrophobic setting of rivets, iron and
steam, rustling silks and stiff collars and even stiffer manners; dark, twisting, bustling, brilliant. I was very, very glum when it came to an end.' D.M. Cornish

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Steph Bowe said...

It's an excelletn list, and totally non-vampiric.