28 August 2009

Onions. We're for books.^

We're for books.
Some people are for the sports, some for music.*
Onions? We're for books.

We're for the big ones

and the little ones.

We're for the fantasy

and the funny.

and the locals.

We're for giggles, geeks, and freaks.

We're for writing, reading, printing, clutching.

We're for bookmarks and book bags and long brave days.

And if there were an international holiday for books on which all books were universally recognised for their contribution to the quality of our lives, we'd be for that too.

Because we're Onions - we're for books.

^ We're for dogs, too, and have loved this Pedigree commercial long time - so we hope it's ok to borrow it for books.
*Of course we are also for the sports and the musics, but the biggest part of our hearts is for books.

1 comment:

Ruth Buchanan said...

What a brilliant bookish blog entry - well done Onions all! (I'd send cake, but it mightn't survive the post - but I have got the world's best easiest 'truly awful' great chocolate cake recipe, if you'd like it....