29 July 2009

We have a Scarygirl winner!

And it's a family affair...

Congratulations to Beth, Jed, Ash, Cary, Zachy and Tashi from Victoria!

You are clearly a family of talented sleuths - we are particularly impressed with your work tracking down that tricky Korean Odo Hirsch one.

A super-special advance copy of the Scarygirl graphic novel will be in the post to you right away.

We are also awarding three second prizes of the Scarygirl jacket, which is also a beautiful poster. The jackets go to Kate C & Karen H who both got 6 right, and to Lou at www.weheartbooks.com who snuck in with seconds to spare and 5 right. Well done!

Thank you to everyone who entered. We had lots of fun reading the answers and hope you had fun searching for them.*

For those of you who hanker for resolution, here are the answers.

1) The Boy, the Bear, the Baron, the Bard by Gregory Rogers
2) It's not all about YOU, Calma by Barry Jonsberg
3) The Singer of All Songs ("Chanters of Tremaris" Trilogy Book 1) by Kate Constable
4) Secret Scribbled Notebooks by Joanne Horniman
5) Black Juice by Margo Lanagan
6) Magic Beach by Alison Lester
7) Antonio S and the Mystery of Theodore Guzman by Odo Hirsch


*In fact, we enjoyed this so much we might just do it again some time...

1 comment:

A latte beckons said...

Oh, curse you, Odo Hirsch and your fiendish Korean title! *gnashes teeth and shakes fist at the sky*

But thanks for the poster!!! Very excited! Hope it's as pink as it looks on-screen!