10 July 2009

Friday stuff and items

1) We would like to throw our arms around Mark Seymour, for his discussion of the 'book price row' in today's Age.

2) Emma Watson (aka Hermione Granger) LIKES TO READ!

3) Oz kids books' very own champion Judith Ridge is taking the UK - specifically the first-ever Dianna Wynne Jones conference - by storm with her salt-crusted, sandy-bottomed charm.

4) There's going to be a new/old Anne of Green Gables book, 'including 41 poems attributed to Anne and her son Walter.' Hmm. There are some in the House who think that NOT including Walter's poem The Piper in Rilla of Ingleside, in which it is described as THE great poem of World War I, was a genius bit of restraint. How could it ever live up to expectation?

5) We all know that there are some doors that should never be opened - but being curious creatures we usually open them anyway. Check out the Coraline trailer to get a taste of what happens when Coraline finds an unexpected door in her own house. You may never see buttons in quite the same way again.

6) Spike have a competition where you can win a year long subscription to Meanjin AND eternal glory. Hustle on over there and enter.

7) And also, just cos it's Friday:

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