13 July 2009

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate

So, now that the cake-maker extraordinaire has left the building, and our attempt to make cake in the House of Onion resulted in epic fail* we find ourselves in something of a pickle** when the cake-maker-in-waiting has a birthday. It would not do at all to ask her to make her own cake.

So we sent out a call to cake-making, and what a good idea it was.

The cake-maker-in-waiting's understudy produced a stellar cake. And presented it with mood lighting. And it was replete with chocolately goodness. No, that is not coconut, my friends, that is in fact shavings of white-chocolate. Yes indeedy - chocolate (shavings) on chocolate (icing) on chocolate (cake). A trifecta of chocolate. A chocolate threepeat. Chocolate cubed.

*Yes, we do now realise that cake and vinaigrette can never be friends - but these things are not always obvious. After all, we are in the business of not judging books by their covers. I beg your pardon? What? Oh. Oh I see. Apparently we ARE in the business of judging books by their covers. Apologies, my mistake. As you were.

** Don't panic, no one thought it was a good idea to bake with pickles. We have learned our lesson.


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Anonymous said...

*dead from jealousy*

Sarah Hazelton

Natalie Hatch said...

it's always wise to learn from mistakes