16 February 2009

What-ho, a laureate!

Some good news at last.

Justine Ferrari in The Australian says:

A CHILDREN'S laureate to champion reading among kids will be appointed from next year under a program established by an alliance of authors, teachers, librarians, publishers, booksellers and arts administrators.

"Australia has a rich tradition in producing the very best children's writing, from literary greats such as Colin Thiele and Patricia Wrightson through to the irreverent humour of Andy Griffiths...

"And if we don't have reading children, we won't have reading adults."

We say: Hurrah!


A latte beckons said...

I'd like to nominate our very own Kirsty Murray. She'd be superb in that job.

(Ooh, my word verification is acker. Go Dogs!)

Penni Russon said...

I've always thought Bob Graham would be fabulous because he has the soul of a poet, an perfectly tuned ear and eye for family and such a rich, deep sense of humanity.
But yes, Kirsty would be great. And Alison Lester too, because she writes such BEAUTIFUL perfect books and writes across so many age groups. In my next life I want to be an Alison Lester picture book.